Building links & variable management

Is there a faster way to create links between file than one a time.


My links are from assembly parts and the assembly to a draft file. I typically need to create about 20 links from each file. Right now I open the part, copy link from the variable, then go to the draft file, create a variable name and past the link.


Is there a way to do this faster for multiple links?


I would also like to be able to copy multiple lines of variable equiasions from one draft file to another. Same issue. Right now I re-type in about 50 lines of equasions creating a template that have already been entered into another file. I would like to just grab the 50 specific lines, copy and past.


Re: Building links & variable management

Have you tried selecting multiple variables using Shift pressed, copying them all at once and then pasting them together.

Re: Building links & variable management

Why are you copying the variables from part to draft? What is that done for?



Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Building links & variable management

Variable I copy:


plane position from assembly into draft to calulate volumes

Thickness and Bend radius form each part into draft to help calulate bend tables that include back gage and stick out on my custom annotation version of bend tables

I also copy the actual part volumes from each part to be subtracted from usable tank volumes


In general im making box sheet metal tanks.


Re: Building links & variable management

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Re: Building links & variable management

Just a weird thought 12gage.  Could you create a reference part based on the inside dimensions of your tank, occurence its weight and visibility out of your assembly/draft with the occurence properties and then use the volume property from that part file in your draft?  I might be over simplifying your issue and  how you need to calculate the volume, but thought I would suggest this to see if it might work...