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We need a way to put all bulk material (bolts & nuts) in the partlist. We do NOT put all bolts & nuts as parts in our assemblies, but want a way to put on the drawing how many of them should be foreseen and what sizes and types to use.


Any Ideas?


many thanks, johan


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You could create Parts with no model information but with the properties filled in correctly and add them to the assembly and then change the occurence property to the quantity that you require. This way they will appear in you BOM.


Or add one of each part to the assembly and again change the occurence property.

Re: Bulk parts

Re: Bulk parts

That's the one Smiley Happy thanks Matt

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I saw you could add rows to the part list by entering them in the "Part List Properties - Data" dialog box. is that better or worse than using non-graph. parts?

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if added as non-graphical parts then you are assured tehy are always accounted for...


maybe you have a detailer or someone else do your drafts...  they may not know to add these items.


I think the non-graphical parts is best that way they are documented within the assembly and are always part of the design.


but at the end of the day...  if you are the one doing the drawing...  for a one off.. editng the table might be quicker and easier...


your call.


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may be this works for you too


add one of the parts e.g the screw to the assembyl and then edit the occurence properties. In this dialog you can choose the quantity.



Re: Bulk parts

About the non graphicalpoarts.


1 - I've created a "non-graphic part that is unitless". OK for inserting it into an assembly.

In the draft i don't see it appaer in the partlist. Its default excluded in the "List Control" (partlist properties), why?


2 - How do i make people aware of the use of non-graphic parts? For example how to be sure that all non-graphic parts are removed from the (big) partlist (if needed), when you don't see the part in your assembly?