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C++ std::async with Solid Edge framework



This is my first post so I appologize for bad use of this forum.


I try to make a simple program to produce flat pattern in DXF with some sheet metal document.

I made it in C++ because I would like to explore possibities to make some task in parallel.


Thanks to tutorials on the web (thanks to J.Newell) I succeed to make my program in a synchonous mode.

I have create a class ClassSE


#pragma once
#include <vector>

class ClassSE
	bool IsWorking();
	bool DepliageAuto(std::string F_Tolerie);

	bool WorkInProgress;
	SolidEdgeFramework::ApplicationPtr pApplication;




I open Solid Edge Instance with


std::vector<ClassSE> lst_WindowsSE(nbFenetres);



This is the constructor


//Constructeur de la classe SE

	pApplication = NULL;
	// Start a new Solid Edge instance.
	hr = pApplication.CreateInstance(L"SolidEdge.Application");
	// Show the main window.
	pApplication->Visible = VARIANT_TRUE;
	pApplication->DisplayAlerts = false;

	WorkInProgress = false;


and then in a while loop, I tried to make DXF by multiple solid edge instance in a same time using std::async method



	//Traitement des fichiers
		//Initialisation des variables de boucles
		sortieBoucle = false;
		j = 0;
		i = 0;
		size_t nbFiles = FilesPsm.size();
		while (!sortieBoucle)

			if ((!lst_WindowsSE[i].IsWorking())&&(j<nbFiles)) //Si la fenetre etudié ne travaille pas
				auto DeplieTermine = std::async(std::launch::async, &ClassSE::DepliageAuto, lst_WindowsSE[i], FilesPsm[j]); // this function don't work
				//DeplieTermine = lst_WindowsSE[i].DepliageAuto(FilesPsm[j]); //This function works fine
				if (j < nbFiles) //On vérifie si on a pas fini de traiter tous les fichiers
					Sleep(100); // pause de 0.1s
					if (i < (nbFenetres - 1))
						i++; //On va faire travailler l'instance de Solid Edge suivante
						i = 0; //On repart de l'instance de Solid Edge n° 0
					sortieBoucle = true; //On a traiter tout les fichiers donc il faut sortir de la boucle

The method of my class ClassSE that I call is below

//Methode pour ouvrir un fichier tolerie et enregistrer son deplier dans le mm dossier
bool ClassSE :: DepliageAuto(std::string Fichier)
	WorkInProgress = true; // Cette instance de Solid edge est occupé, elle commence un travail

	SolidEdgeFramework::DocumentsPtr pDocuments = NULL;
	SolidEdgeFramework::SolidEdgeDocumentPtr pDocument = NULL;
	SolidEdgePart::SheetMetalDocumentPtr pSheetMetal = NULL;
	SolidEdgePart::FlatPatternModelsPtr pDepliesTole = NULL;
	SolidEdgePart::FlatPatternModelPtr pDeplieTole;
	_bstr_t FichierTolerie(Fichier.c_str()); // Conversion de std::string vers _bsr_t

	bool result;

	pDocuments = pApplication->Documents;
	pDocument = pDocuments->Open(FichierTolerie);
	pSheetMetal = pDocument;
	pDepliesTole = pSheetMetal->FlatPatternModels;
	int NbDepl = pDepliesTole->Count;

	if (NbDepl != 0)
		pDeplieTole = pDepliesTole->Item(1); //La collection commence à 1

		if (pDeplieTole->IsUpToDate)
			pSheetMetal->Models->SaveAsFlatDXFEx(FichierTolerie + ".dxf", NULL, NULL, NULL, true); // enregistrement du DXF à partir du model déplié
			::wprintf(FichierTolerie +  L" : deplie termine \n");
			result= true;
			::wprintf(L"Le deplie n est pas a jour \n");
			result = false;

		//Libération de la mémoire du deplié uniquement si celui-ci était présent dans le fichier tolerie
		::wprintf(FichierTolerie + L" : Pas de deplie dans le fichier \n");
		result = false;

	//Fermeture du document et nettoyage de la mémoire
	pDocument = pDocuments->Close();
	WorkInProgress = false; // Le travail est fini, l'instance est disponible
	return result;

As anyone could see I'm not c++ expert. There are probalbly many optimization possible.

I choose C++ langage because I was thinking that pointers on Solid Edge instance or documents instead of using active application or active documents could allowed parallelism.


I searched also near std::execution:Smiley Tonguear_unseq but I can't compile with VS2017 community.

I guess also I didn't understand well Com initialisation even if I put instruction ::CoInitialize(NULL);::CoUninitialize(); at begin and end of my main.


Could anyone help me please ?


The line below create a pop up debug error Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library with  abort() has been called

auto DeplieTermine = std::async(std::launch::async, &ClassSE::DepliageAuto, lst_WindowsSE[i], FilesPsm[j]);

and when I click on retry, I go to this part of framewrk.tli

#pragma implementation_key(60)
inline HRESULT SolidEdgeFramework::Application::Quit ( ) {
    return _com_dispatch_method(this, 0x28, DISPATCH_METHOD, VT_EMPTY, NULL, NULL);

Thanks by advance,


Re: C++ std::async with Solid Edge framework

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The right place to post develoment related messages is the dedicated Solid Edge Developer Forum



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Re: C++ std::async with Solid Edge framework


Ok Sorry.


I opened the same discussion on the right forum there :


Thanks for your answer. I think I find your blog about c++ with Solid Edge on surfandcode and I will use it to add an graphic interface to my small program waiting a solution to make tasks parallel.


Could someone supress my SolidEdge forum post wich is not at the right place ?