CAMWorks 2015 and ST8


Has anybody tested Camworks 2015 and ST8 and noticed if the mains problems reported on previous Camworks versions were solved or, at least, improved?



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From other threads and doing some of my own homework on nesting software, I would look at Metamation. That software is the slickest I have found yet for export from SE. I'm still planning to use that when we get to that point.

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This post has nothing to do with Metamation or nesting software.



CADFlow, I have not tried 2015 SP2 with ST8. I am fairly stable with SP1 and am very unsure of making the leap. 


I know of only two other users that work (or worked) with CAMWorks on this forum, and neither of them have gone to ST8. I'd ask my reseller how the experience was, but as of a few months ago they didn't even have 2015 or ST7 INSTALLED on anything. And the CAMWorks for SE forum hasn't seen a new post in 8 months. 


Also, that article was fairly useless. Hope that wasn't a paid blog.

-Dylan Gondyke

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I looked at the "What's New" for the ST8 SP2 release and it didn't look like there was anything new except that it works with ST8, so I didn't install it. I've been using SP1 successfully. I've never been as frustrated with it as some users have been.
I did a multi-part fixture last week in assembly mode and posted it to a sub-program format and it worked well and made a very compact bit of G-code.
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