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I'm still trying to get the hang of SE. For example, what is the “correct” method
for placing an element at a predetermined point that is not one of the standard
snap points. For example: I want to start a new line (a) at a point 1/3 the length
of an existing line (b) and perpendicular to it. The 2 ways that I’ve found I can
do this is:
1. Place b anywhere on a, dimension its placement and change the dimension to where
I want b to branch off a. However, in order to make b move instead of the beginning
or end of a, I have to lock the appropriate end of a.
2. Reposition the origin to the beginning of a to make it easier to figure where
to start b and set the x/y coordinates for the start point of b.
Personally, I think it’s easier to use the 2nd method but believe that the creators
of SE want me to use the first.
It’s for this reason that I started the thread regarding the MYSTERY COMMAND/SHORTCUT
KEY GRID ORIGIN. But I got to wondering what is considered correct since you don’t
make it easy to reposition the grid origin by allowing a shortcut key.
Ronald W Latour