Calculate lux per foot/meter square

Hi All


I have a volume that represent a floor in a buiding.


Light fixture need to be install.


But we need to have a specific amount  of lux at a specific height.


example at 30 inch from the floor we nee to have 100lux.


Anyone aware of a tool or add-on or workflow to be used with Solid Edge that would help me to calculate how many light fixture I need on the celling to have that specific amout of lux?


Re: Calculate lux per foot/meter square

If you are trying to do that on the cheap, make a spreadsheet with your own formula.


If you have tons of cash and time and want a slick result, use FEA.

Re: Calculate lux per foot/meter square



The excel is good, expacially since we can have excel to control pattern


Which FEA would you recommand? can it help place the light fixture on model? We wanted to automate this as much as possible,

Re: Calculate lux per foot/meter square

I have very little experience with FEA, but I know there are radiation and lighting routines out there.


Another thought. Why not do that in a render environment in all gray (to avoid spectrum issues), then determine the gray scale level result that equates to an acceptable lighting level. Would be cool looking to prove the to the client and give you a tool for the aesthetics of the lighting and any specific issues that need to be addressed. Visually it would be quick to check the results once you establish some base lines.

Re: Calculate lux per foot/meter square

I know of nothing in solid edge.

We had a .lsp for autocad that could give us intensity required given a distance or distances required per intensity desired. I had found it online somewhere 10 years ago but no longer work there so don't have it on hand.

Worst case would be to excel it using inverse square law for intensity.

Revit also has the capability to do light mapping but I only played with revit for a few weeks before I quit that job.