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Call for New Beta Users

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

We have a lot of exciting new things coming in ST7 -- a lot in the "core areas" of Solid Edge that you use daily (we've been leaking a few of these -- materials, measurement, etc.) To make sure this is all rock solid for you, we'd like to invite a select number of you into the ST7 Beta program. Normally, we reserve Beta for face to face (and this usually means large customers), but here we are looking for people to test on your own site. We will be biased towards:

1. Heavy duty SE daily user.
2. Typically an early adopter of SE releases (say in first 6 months of release)

Size of account is immaterial. Small power users are welcome. 

- Must Sign NDA and Trial Software Agreements
- Must have active maintenance account to log IRs
- Must have access to the GTAC FTP SE beta download site 
- Attend ST7 Overview via Live Meeting
- Agree to spend a minimum of 16 hours in April testing ST7 Beta
- Agree to test on the lastest beta build posted (updated every two weeks).
- Agree to log ST7 problems (i.e. problem does not exist in ST6) directly on the web on QTAC 

You can email me directly at with your "application" which should include the following:

- Contact name, phone, email address, shipping address 
- Company name and Solid Edge sold-to ID 
- Webkey username
- Current release in use
- Using SE since...
- Key areas of the product I used deeply (draft, sheet metal, routing, std parts, etc.)
- I normally start using a new release X months after release

PS> This is the opportunity for those of you who find bugs in fielded product to avoid them with ST7. Make sure you take advantage of this!


Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development