Call for Pet Peeves 2.0

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Because the old forum is read-only and nothing is perfect, a new call.

The old topic:


A new request:

I love the "Go to home folder" in the feature library, so why not include this button in the "Select Part Copy" window?


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Here in the community, this new thread you've started can serve as the collector for Pet Peeves 2.0. So I guess you've already created a new home for the new discussion.


Good catch, by the way!

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Re: Call for Pet Peeves 2.0

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I have a list of stuff. I'm curius to see how many other have the same issues.

1. No way to get annotation into a table with line by line control (each row different)

2. Hole table row height can't be edited (Fixed font size)

3. Bend tables are useless without back gage and stick out. Please add this functionality

(implies inputting the bend from direction, and outputting a graphic with bend arrows on flat)

4. No way to turn off editing of flat durring bending sheet metal

5. Close 2 corner bend editing not intuative (Leg vs Hypotenuse switch, both needed)

6. Maintaining a linked spreadsheet difficult

7. Revision manager should be more intuative 

8. Desire ability to copy multiple active links at once

9. Family of parts should be usable on top of plane adjustments

10. Would like to have both draft and assembly of the same file open at once on two monitors (full screen each) This would allow editing of the assembly and resultant drawing at once time to see the results in draft from model editing.

11. Documentation as to the tree structure of control for Fonts' Dims, Tables, Hotkey menues.

12. Ability to line up text with "typcial" objects. Right now the alignment objects can't be lined up with typical objects. IE text X distance from drawing border, snap table to other table or titble block. etc.....

13. Text should have it's own "reports" that can be saved. If I want to use a set of text over and over that includes any underlines, bold, etc.. then I have to save as annotation, then copy the annotation to text, then modify.

14. There should be a way to get annotation into fields. This would allow "smart part numbers"

15. Pre-made materials for Expanded metal, Perforated plate, and Diamond plates. Bitmaps& Bump maps that display these casses (Model and draft) lightweight and corrosponding Density to achieve correct weight. (like expanded metal using steel density adjusted for % volume used when modled as solid sheet)

16. I have many more, but this is enough for today.


A few more:

17. Can't use assembly property fields in draft

18. Can't use variables and or annotation in propery field (same as 14)

Re: Call for Pet Peeves 2.0

#10 you can do. unless you talking about Live up?

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How do I get draft and model open at the same time in two full screen aplications. I desire a single copy of Solid Edge to be two full screen aplications at once. This can be done? I would like to know how.


If I open both draft and model in a singel copy of SE, I can work on both by switching but they are not full screen on two monitors


If I open draft in one copy and the model in the other copy, the second one to be opened up is locked from editing. 


Note: I define full screen by the ability to use the "Full screen" button between the minimize and close buttons in the upper right hand corner of any proper window.

Re: Call for Pet Peeves 2.0

I thought of the largest pet peave of the entire system of modeling and drafting.


Sheet metal parts can't use item numbers to keep track of parts (no way to get the views automatically nubmered), Names need to be used to track sheet metal parts.


Framed parts can't be named unless saved out. They just gained the ability to be numbered. I have not worked out the details (Today todo list) but I expect that the items numbers can be used to lable frame part details.


Now here is the problem: Drawing should only use one system for tracking parts. Either names or item numbers (Tracking = ability to match details to BOM).


Currently I have two use both systems depending on the type of part it is.


Pick one system to get worked out compleatly, or make both work compleatly. Just don't force us to work in a mixture of methods.

Re: Call for Pet Peeves 2.0

When places "break lines" we need to click twice to place the point where to break the view.

Most of the times I use this, this is for a simple simmetric part. 

It would be nice if I could place both breaks at once, symmetric. So when moving the mouse pointer to place the break location I would like to have the possibility to see 2 break lines moving simultanious to left and right.


Next to this, when placing a "smart dimension", it's not that smart...:


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Re: Call for Pet Peeves 2.0

Why does it take 3 clicks of the mice to get a hole the diameter that you require

1 - to select the tool

2 - to select the hole options box

3 - to select the size of hole


could the default not be:

1 - select the tool and hole options appear

2  - type in the hole size as this area is default


Hexagon tool

Why is the reference line around the outside of the hexagon and not inside connected with tangents to the hexagon? Most hexagons are dimensioned Across the Flats - this would make things so much easier for sheetmetal cutouts for Hexserts etc

Re: Call for Pet Peeves 2.0


About the hexagon tool, I don't think this is new in ST7, but the thing you are asking about is there:


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Re: Call for Pet Peeves 2.0

Hi Joris


That option is just the selection point on the hex either centre of the line or vertex Smiley Sad If you drag the hexagon out the reference is still connected to the vertices and not the tangents.