Callout with Configuration Name

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Hello Edgers:


A new macro for placing a callout with the Configuration name as text is attached with this message.

A single drawing view should be pre-selected when executing the macro.




This places a callout in the top right corner of the view with the config name.

You can select the callout and add a leader and/or a break line + adjust any other property.


The macro does not check if the drawing view is really an assembly DV.

So for a Part/Sheet Metal drawing view, it does nothing.

Also, it may appear doing nothing for an assembly DV if the configuration is 'No Selection'.


Requests for changes to the macro behavior are welcome.



This macro shared earlier simply displays the config name in a message box.




Re: Callout with Configuration Name

Thank you my friend.....this will be a big help.

Sean Cresswell
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Re: Callout with Configuration Name

Glad to know it would be helpful Sean.



Re: Callout with Configuration Name

My Friend,


It works well with ST9 beta!


Thanks for your effort! A huge like!




Re: Callout with Configuration Name

Thanks @Imics for confirming the same.

Glad to know the macro is future ready !