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Camera movement increment




I am looking for a way to get rid of my space ball as I feel like its a waste of a hand.


The problem I got is simple, how to navigate now? 


There is some keyboard shortcut for navigation like:

      Zoom In______________________________ CTRL + UP ARROW
      Zoom Out_____________________________ CTRL + DOWN ARROW
      Pan Up_______________________________ CTRL + SHIFT + UP ARROW
      Pan Down_____________________________ CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW
      Pan Left______________________________ CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT ARROW
      Pan Right_____________________________ CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW
      Rotate Y______________________________ RIGHT ARROW
      Rotate Y Negative_______________________ LEFT ARROW
      Rotate X______________________________ UP ARROW
      Rotate X Negative_______________________ DOWN ARROW
      Rotate Z______________________________ SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
      Rotate Z Negative_______________________ CTRL + H


But the increments are way too high for my applications (mostly on the rotate feature)


Is there a way to change the increments? I would like to use a combination of keys and joystick movement to make to camera move.


Basicaly I want to use something like this: razer gamepad.jpg


So, there is a joystick on the side that will work as arrow keys, plus 15 programmable buttons for the fingers. I believe it will be better for me than a spaceball but it need to have PAN and ROTATE features in it. Anyone got a clue how i can do that?


If this can help, I dont want to know how to map the keypad, I need a way to modify the increment in the camera movement and I will be all set.


Re: Camera movement increment


Hi @Nick-R,


I don't know a way to do what you're asking, but I'd question why you'd replace a space mouse with something like that.


Maybe you only have the basic Space Navigator, or the (really old!) space ball, but the Space Mouse Pro/Enterprise have plenty of customisable buttons so you can have the knob to do the 3d navigation, plus whatever extra shortcuts and macros you want, so I can't see how the device you suggest would be an improvement for CAD.


Also note, that the Space Mouse understands which program you're using and will change the function of the buttons appropriatly if you e.g. use Solid Edge along with AutoCAD, photoshop, or even MS paint!

Re: Camera movement increment




I understand what the space mouse can do. I got a 3Dconnexion spacemouse Pro. It's a good tool. I wont say that what I look to do is something for everyone. The keypad I wanna use can also detect the software you are running.


What I dont like about the space mouse:

I dont use all it can do as I was not using it until recently. I am new to SE comming from SW and I could do all the movement the 3D mouse can do with CTRL ALT and SHIFT key plus the mouse.

The key mapping on the spacemouse is VERY limited compare to the keypad (at least to my knowledge).

I dont like the fact that I am always going from the keybord to the spaceball.

I fell like the keys on the spaceball are oddly shape and not that usefull as they are far from it.


The keypad should correct a lot of that but i need to be able to set some stuff first. The big advantage i see is that you only need one finger to navigate (joystick on the side) instead of 3 to 4 on the spaceball. I mostly use command compare to camera movement as I work with client STEP files. I do very limited 3D modeling so I prefer more macro possibilities than having a great way to move around.


Again, the spaceball is a great tool, just not the one I feel like is the best for my need.


Re: Camera movement increment


no worries @Nick-R but I don't think you can do what you're asking RE arrow keys in SE.


However you can use ctrl, alt, shift + mouse in SE to do all camera movements just as you can in SW so no extra device needed if that suits you. 


I'd suggest you stick with the space mouse and play around with the software. We have a lot of engineers that start with us and hate the 3D mouse to begin with, but after a few weeks they couldn't do without! And I'd be surprised if there was much you can do configuration wise with buttons on that gaming device that you can't do with the space mouse. Make sure you're on the latest driver.

Re: Camera movement increment




I understand what you are saying as you are not alone that said that to me. It's been around 6 mounth now that I work with it and as I said it is a great tool. I like it but there is some flaw to me and I want to try a work around. I want to be able to have nearly the same control level that it give me but with more buttons and better layout.


What you cant do with macro with it is timer. It is more noticeable when you have a software that need to open new windows to enter new commands in it. At this point you are stock with the spacemouse but the keypad can have timer between keystrokes and it can be only when you want it.


I dont want something to get rid of the spacemouse but something to take it's place. I just start using it and, to my point of view, it is limited. I want something that can literaly do stuff for me. Type in some text that I always need to enter, open different windows and do stuff in it. Now it is limited to doing one or two actions depending on the software lag. 


Dont get me wrong, it is a great tool. I dont want to work without but if I can be faster and need to addapt to something else, I will. I am just fooling around with new stuff trying to get working habits with the better tool, even if I dont have it yet.

Re: Camera movement increment




I contacted design fusion on that issue and they submitted the improuvement to siemens as the camera increment cant be adjusted...