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Can Solid Edge Insight be implemented for a multi site application? (Multi - site = USA, Mexico)


My company would Like to move to a full Cad Data Management System in the next 18- 24 months...But for the short term we would like to use Solid Edge Insight to start cleaning up our data.     We have a couple of sites in north america & Mexico.  Has anyone implemented insight like this?  


Re: Can Solid Edge Insight be implemented for a multi site application? (Multi - site = USA, Mexico

I feel that we need some more information in order to answer your question appropriately.

Can you tell me if you need to have multi-CAD support?

If you are taking the time to define your workflows, data cards and moving your data into Insight why would you go through the hassle of configuring, mapping, exporting and importing into a second system? This looks like a lot of work to me.
Can you shed some more light on what you are thinking?

Re: Can Solid Edge Insight be implemented for a multi site application? (Multi - site = USA, Mexico

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Just to add further detail to RyanM's response.

No CAD data management system will "clean up" your data. All a CAD data management system does is help prevent your data from getting "dirty" in the first place. If the unmanaged data is dirty when you import it into your CAD data management system it will still be dirty once in your CAD data management.

Part of implementing *any* CAD data management system including Insight, is spending time cleaning up your dirty CAD data *before* importing the unmanaged files into a new management system. This data clean up activity takes place *outside* of the data management system and will occur whether you implement the low end Insight or a higher end system such as Teamcenter. So if you decide to implement Insight for the short term you will need a project to clean up your dirty data before importing into Insight. Then when you implement your higher end system in 24 months you will have to have another project to clean up your Insight data for use in your new system. Admittedly the second clean up activity will be easier than the first because it won't be so much as a clean-up as more of a data prep to suit the new system but there will still be a second activity to prepare files for import.

And that just addresses the import of the data. With implementing any new data management system, even Insight, there is a learning factor, associated business processes that have to be updated/modified to reflect the capabilities (or sometimes lack of) of the new data management system, etc. This activity will have an overhead cost to the enterprise. Are you (i.e. your organisation) willing to go through this twice in 24 months to reflect implementing two different data management systems in two years.

I'm not saying that initially implementing Insight then implementing a second new data management system two years later cannot be done or shouldn't be done, but implementing *any* data management system, even the low end Insight, comes with cost and burden to the business. If you are aware of this up-front and willing to accept it then do it but don't think implementing Insight as a temporary stop gap for you current data management issues will be simple or will magically solve your current data management issues short term without effort and investment.

If you know you are moving to a new system in 18 to 24 months can your time be better spent preparing for the final solution not an interim solution?

With all that said, to answer your original question, yes Solid Edge Insight can be implemented "multi-site" but not without cost and investment (in time, effort and ultimately money). Depending on your final longer term solution that short term investment may be lost. Again, knowing you are changing to a final solution can the short term investment be better spent either preparing for the final solution or more ideally moving the final solution forward?

Re: Can Solid Edge Insight be implemented for a multi site application? (Multi - site = USA, Mexico

I wanted to be a bit more gentle in my response but you have pretty much covered the main concerns.

If the idea is get the data loaded into a database and then use database mapping to put your data into another system it can be done.
My recommendation would be to make sure that your workflow only has one state. That way you can get your data loaded and populate your meta-data and won't have issues with documents at different states in a workflow or having to migrate data from one workflow to a new workflow.
Just my thoughts.