Can Solid Edge run on Integrated Graphic Cards?

It has been an enigma for me as for the official requirement for Solid Edge. 


Our company rule of thumb is to recommend customer to have an i5-i7 processor, with 1GB VRAM card, and 8GM RAM.


However, I know that those rules are misleading to say the Haswell i5 Desktop card can easily outperform an i7 mobile processor, and a 2GB GT710M Card barely outperforms the HD5000 that is included in most intel processors....


So my question is


1.) Does a Firepro / Quadro card provides more performance to its GTX counterpart, realistically speaking....( Quadro K2000 and GTX 770 are essentially the same card, with the Quadro series optimized for CAD usage, but Quadro costs a lot compared to its GTX counterpart)


2.) Can the software run on Integrated gpu (HD5000 comes to mind) ? I have seen case that it works *with some setting tweaking*, but the bottleneck of integrated gpu still remain unknown for me








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As far as using gaming cards as a replacement for professional graphics cards iI would say forget it. My experience ha shown me that there are just too many issues. It is worth noting that gaming cards (and their drivers) are optimisied for single window performance. Whereas CAD programs require multi-windows. The Solid Edge window is in fact made up out of several windows.


However having said all that I am now running an Inter i&-4770 CPU with only the built in HD Graphics 4600. Quite frankly Intel have done wonders over the past few years with their inbuilt graphics. This morning I had a 12,000 part assembly open and was able to rotate and zoom with no perceptible lag. Frankly my Nvidia 4000 graphics card is now just gathering dust.


I also get the feeling that the good folks in Huntsville ( Solid Edge development) have also been doing some magic as well.


So in summary get an i7 current model CPU and at least 16GB of RAM and forget the whole graphics card business. Oh, and one other thing make sure that everything runs of a Solid State Drive.





Re: Can Solid Edge run on Integrated Graphic Cards?

Gaming graphics cards are for gaming machines that run DirectX based graphics.


CAD and rendering software requires cards setup for running this software such as the quadro and fire cards. Sure you can often get away with running general use and gaming cards for cad stuff but you will often have poor performace and graphical glitches.


My work laptop(Dell 5440) runs solid edge, autocad and a few other graphical programs on a intel i7-4600U with HD 4400 graphics. It runs fairly smooth and can drive my 27" 3k res monitor just fine for sub 50 component assemblies but much more than that and framerate tanks, rotating the part is a slide show even when the resolution is turned down to the native 1080 of the laptop screen. On the other hand my drafter has a desktop workstation with an i7 and a quadro k4400 and he has zero lag with 500 part assemblies even when multiple documents are open.

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I have  GTX760 and Quadro K500 computer running inside Solid Edge...both seems to perform equally fine...ignoring the fact that GTX760 has more core, more clock speed than Quadro K500 by miles away.


Even though Quadro is optimized for CAD program, the fact that they are horribly underpowered compared to its GTX counterpart, might meant that a GTX card is often sufficient (*my personal 2 cent*) 


I will be recommending my client to stick  with Integrated graphic cards unless heavy assembly/rendering is involved...probably to save $

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Hi there,


The actual on-board hardware might not be terribly dissimilar, between gaming & CAD cards, but the drivers are the key to them functioning properly, with professional software like Solid Edge, etc.

I've also heard of people modding the a GTX card to appear in registry as a Quadro, whereby accepting the drivers, but hardly seems worth it.


Integrated graphics [HD5000] is working just fine for me. I live entirely on my Surface Pro 3 [i7-256] unit.....there are some areas of lag when view style is set to "High Quality" on heavily detailed assemblies, but overall it's a very capable, as a workstation class laptop/desktop alternative, at a much more attractive price.

The performance is really something quite unique to the Surface Pro, as I have other users on laptops that dont see the same a commercial environment, laptop & desktop systems should have minimum specs as you say,....but further qualify it with, Quadro based card & Solid State main drive.

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I have attempted to look for the modding before... it used to work via softmod, but then it involves tweaking the resistor placement and value...which scares me away


...If surface pro can run Solid Edge just fine, I don't see why integrated graphic card in desktop will fare less....


*That being said, is it about time siemens release an official required/recommended hardware list for Solid Edge?*

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Drivers is what makes the SurfacePro3 run so well, microsoft polished the drivers to a point very few other computers have ever seen.

We have a few here at work, not used in cad but for graphics stuff and they run amazingly smooth on a dock hooked up to a 3k resolution monitor.

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*That being said, is it about time siemens release an official required/recommended hardware list for Solid Edge?*


They do.

On the Soplid Edge start screen click on Support, then select Hardware and Softwae Certification. You can then select Hardware (graphics Card) Certifications (right hand side of screen) which will provide a spreadsheet showing details of all sopported graphics systems. You can also find Operating System and 3rd party certifications for Solid Edge ST 5 through 8 on the left hand side of the screen.


The graphics certifications tell me what works with Solid Edge - it does not discuss performance - which would vary depending upon model being used etc.




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Hi everbody


I can't to install any HD graphic card on my system: i5 second generation 3.3ghz; GTX 560, win 7 ultimate. So, I installed nvidia CUDA 5.5 and no result. I need to up a chain within very charged project. I see the list (ST7), Mark , but I,m so lay and didn't understand much. Any gpu suggestion, please?


*I prefered remain the conversation on this topic instead create a new by the matter similarity.

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CUDA driver is useless, you need the graphics driver and the latest for what you mentioned is:


The GeForce cards are for gaming and therefore are not supported for Solid Edge and not on the list.  You won't find Intel HD Graphics in the list with the exception of the Surface Pro 3/4 either.


Most likely your PC is set in BIOS to disable the integrated graphics which is why you may not beable to install the driver.  My guess is that the integraded graphics won't work as well as the GeForce.



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