Can sync sheet metal save me?

Attached is the most difficult two pieces of sheet metal I have ever worked with. This model took me forever. I'm wondering if sombeody has the skill to make the flat pattern outline look EXACTLY like what I have done in ordered. Ordered was very difficult in this case, but I don't think this flat pattern can be created in Sync.


I'm very boxed into a corner and have many design and flat pattern requirements that put restrictions on what the results can look like.


#1 all perimiter cuts and chams must be lines. No small nibbles going around flange chams because the parts are cut on a punch machine. Small nibbles break the punch tooling.


#2 No rolling, the parts must be bent up on a folder.


#3 the model can be re-sized later. In this case, the XYZ of the box and the center/diamiter of a circle. The attached file is set up with XYZ labled planes and an assembly sketch that control the overall model. The circle does have narrow limits as to how much it can be changed.


The material is 14 Gage 0.0747" Bend radius is  0.11"


Note, this is one of thoes "Origami Designs" where some of the folds get hammered to fit durring folding. Thre is also some required grinding to make the two parts fit.


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Hi 12Ga,


Most likely I do not fully understand the issues. I did not have any problems converting this to Sync and making flats! BTW, according to design you have interference problem!




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I'm aware of the interferance.


The issues is, how do I design this from scratch using sync. Converting it to sync after the design is complete is easy. Designing it from scratch in syn is impossible.


The main issue is the way the chams around the tabs come out. I have to cut thoes in the flat then fold them to come out that way. I don't know how to do that in Sync or even using flange command in ordered. If you look at the ordered model, look at what I had to do to make the flanges with 45 deg chams in the first place.


My question is, can this be designed from scratch using Sync and turn out the same way.

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Here is the front sheet.  I'll look at the other piece this weekend.

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Ah, to make it in sync!, Why you did not say so  ;-) 


Here is the short video how I deal with chams in sync!

"Trick" is to make chamf with cutting not with chamf command and after that the sky is limit!

Plain sketch line and Bend command are your friends!


Here is the link:



Have phun!



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That's the same workflow I use in ordered.


It looks like Sync has had some upgrades since I tried it in ST6. I will have to give it another go when I upgrade to ST8 or ST9.


When I was starting out and was moving from Solid works I tried using ST6 Sync sheet metal and gave up. I could not find any way to control the Sync flat sizes and allow other things to float (Like flange lengths or tab sizes). Now that I have a good handle on the variable usage, I know I can get that part done even if it's a long path.


Thanks for the help.



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Welcome to wonderful world of SYNCHROUNOUS Technology!



Former (18+years) SW user as well! 

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Thanks for the files and movie. Those are the same work around(s) I use in ordered I was trying to avoid. The reason I'm trying to avoid is downstream flanges being edited. That work flow requires on flange to be edited for the next flanges flat. And so fourth down the line. Not easily done when I make model where each surface/flange is controlled by a planes. Yes overall dimensions replace planes in Sync, but then I really blow up if one area of the model is replaced.


Control of dimensions by planes and overall flat pattern size controls in Sync is not available in any shape or form within sheet metal part files. There is the BOX command, but ordered parts cant see that when I have to have an ordered part. Many may ask why I have to have an ordred part, there is no way to directly control Cut X and Cuy Y in Sync.

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Hi 12Ga,


Why you cannot get "correct" flat pattern size with adjusting the bend deductions, K-factor and/or tables? If you can, please describe the nature of the problem and challenge, not how or what you do with SE?


I apologize for blunt questions, I am not sure I understand your workflow or what you are trying to solve.



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The problem is with the "crispness" of the flat patterns around 3 way corners and flanges. take a look around the file I attached here and what had to be done to get the results. Much more work than should be required. 


The simplest example is if you use the side angle of a flange at 45 deg. The chamfer in the flat is not a single line, the chamfer changes angle when is passes in to the plasic zone of the flange. To work around this, I have to make the flange part of the flat of the previus flange and add a bend.


This is a problem when making a part on a punch.


Attached is my current ER list that I spent about 8 hours goving over with GTAC. I hope to have a meeting with Gan (Head sheet metal programmmer for SE) within the next few weeks


Another simple example is using small holes in 3 way corners. SE does not like holes smaller than the plastic zone. The holes in reality should be just a bit more than the thickness. I'm not alone in this. Take a look at this artical about notching