Can't add tolerances - ST8


I'm trying to add tolerances to my drafts, but the option seems to be grayed out. I've even tried backing up as far as the original drawings with no luck on being able to add anything, and google has failed to give me a good answer. 


Thanks in advance for the help!


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Select the dimensions, click on the "X", and select the tolerance style you want and then you can enter the tolerance.

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Re: Can't add tolerances - ST8


Thanks! I had seen that and thought it was just for changing the dimensions of the actual measurement.

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Hi @Casafynn




as mentioned by @rehenryjr You have to define what type of dimension and/or tolerance You want to have.


Understanding Your last answer it sounds to me as if You first define the type of dim and the tolerance before creating the dimension itself.


I prefer the other way.

First I create my dimensions and when I have them I consider the toleranceing aspect of the part while adding tolerances to the existing dimensions.

Toleranceing not only is a matter of dimensions but also to have GDT frames , datums, surface symbols, and much more