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Can't execute extrusion??

Good day all.


I have a problem with the extrude from to surface function.


You will see on the images what I mean.


First image shows the inside of the pump housing how I would like it to look after the extrusion.

Keep in mind that the extrusion haven't taken place yet.

Without Extrusion.png


The second image shows the extrusion going through the wall of the pump which I dont want.

With Extrusion.png


I cant seem to eecute the command properly, so that the extrusion takes the shape of the outer shell of the pump and does not go through it like seen here on the image.


Please find attached the actual part, and please see if you can do it.


Thank you and hope I was clear enough.



Re: Can't execute extrusion??


Does your company always model everything in a single part file like this?


Without all the other clutter this wouldn't be so hard to get working but as is I am not sure it will work as intended for the pump outlet part. I would at least split it into a multi body part if not into an assembly of parts.


Attached is my 5 min attempt at a fix to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Re: Can't execute extrusion??

We first model the whole assy in one part, then we make part copies when creating each part. it makes it safer and easier to make changes to assy in the future.

Re: Can't execute extrusion??


I think you would be better served to make each part a seperate body in a part file and then split it once all is ready. I do this for some parts for my company and it has worked well.


Because of how you swept the housing you are going to have issues with the pump outlet reducer? nozzle thingy. I would make it a seperate part and sweep cut based on the profile of the inside of the housing to make it match the curve.


As far as the mounting tabs, you would be better off extruding them in from a tangent of the body to the body so you can make it stop there. The way it is drawn you are already touching the body thus the option does not exist and you are extruding into the housing.