Can't find keypoints in assembly sketches

As previously stated, things like circles wont highlight when i try to sketch in an assembly, when sketching on a separate part it works.

Here is what it looks like:

And here is what i need it to look like:

Basically i need to make som measurements between two points but I cant make them accurate if i cant get a hold of the circle.


Help would be very much appreciated


Re: Can't find keypoints in assembly sketches

Two possbilities:


First, when in a Sketch in Assembly make sure Peers (peer edges).  By defualt this is off and looks like this:


Otherwise, is the assembly a Family of Assemblies?  If so, keypoints will not work when making assembly features.  You would need to populate the individual family member or insert the assembly into another assembly to use Assembly Features properly.

Brian Fritz
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Re: Can't find keypoints in assembly sketches

I frequently find myself making sketches to take a measurement. Typically because I need a silhouette edge on one side, and a tangent edge on the other end of the measurement.