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Can't install Solid Edge ST

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Hello there!
I downloaded a setup from the link that was sent to my email after I fulfilled registration info.
When I run my setup it extracts something and then there comes a window where you can choose what to install. When I choose Solid Edge it throws a next window where I choose install and then it says 'The wizard was interrupted before Solid Edge ST4 could be completely installed .Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup again'

Can anyone please help?! I tried several times but still same error. I also tried to run setup as administrator, but nothing.. By the way I have Windows 7 64bit and the setup is for 32bit..


Re: Can't install Solid Edge ST

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I have the same problem. The installation was interupted.Pls help.

Re: Can't install Solid Edge ST

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I don't know about the install issue but I did note that your license file is a ".txt" this needs to be ".dat"

thi smight be what is aborting the install.

Try your install without a link to the license file and see if that works...

If so then manually copy the license file to the program folder.