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Can't install


Same problem as everyone else seems to be having. See attached .bmp image. Followed
the instructions to the letter. Tried every .exe file with mostly the same results
as the attached image however some wouldn't do anything when requested to open.
Man, I hope it's easier to use as it is to install??? This might to seem like a
very expensive way to gather an email list however they could be assured that the
addresses are valid.
From what their email said, there is only assistance for downloading but they don't
mention anything (other than this site) for technical support. Hay, you get what
you pay for. :-)
Suggestions for another FREE or low priced "quick and easy" drafting pgm. very welcome.
Good luck gang. I'll be watching the list.

Re: Can't install


You should not have to go to the program folder to run the software. To run the
software all you need to do is to click on Start in the menu tray at the bottom
of the desktop. You should see Solid Edge 2D Drafting in the program list. If you
do not see Solid Edge 2D Drafting there, Click on All Programs. You should see Solid
Edge 2D Drafting. Pull out this program group and click on Solid Edge 2D Drafting.
Do you get an error when you run Solid Edge 2D Drafting? If so what error do you
Rick B.