Can't mate face

Good evening everyone. I have had this issue in the past and it's a problem I've never found a solution to. 


I'm importing 3d solids from an autocad DWG file. The file is imported into SE and then saved as a native part file. When I try to use mate or connect it will not let me select a face from this object as it will with a part I made native in SE from scratch. Is there a reason why faces aren't allowed to be selected on imported autocad dwg files? Thanks!



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Hi there @CADCAM16,


Hard to say......can you provide a sample of the DWG file & your imported Solid Edge version of the same file?

My first thought, is it might be a faceted model....or the faces are not planar, or at least within an acceptable default tolerance of such.

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Re: Can't mate face

I agree with @SeanCresswell.

Though my guess would be the solids should most probably be ACIS (.sat) bodies and should import fine in SE + be selectable in assembly mates. I found even ruled surfaces from AutoCAD are selectable when imported in SE. So a DWG file will be needed to look into.



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Try running Optimize command to ensure that all imported geometry is valid before trying to work with it:


Re: Can't mate face

Using the mate relationship case as an example, I'm guessing the face you are trying to select for the relationship is not truly a plane and is probably a surface in the case of the imported file. To verify this, you can go to the Inspect tab on the ribbon. From there, run the Inquire Element command and select the face you are trying to mate to see what type of geometry it really is.