Can't post vid

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I can't post a vid for some reason.


When looking in help it stated to edit my profile to get to my vid bank.

Now I'm wondering how to edit my profile.


I do know how to get to my settings, but there is nothing there about uploading video.

I don't know where to acess my profile. In theory the vid settings are there


Must I be given permission to have the switches to turn on so that I can upload vids?


Re: Can't post vid

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Hi there,


Possibly the video is loo large [guess only] for the site to upload, I had encountered this problem myself with video's earlier in the communities existence. Hopefully one of the admins has a fix or suggestion for this.


You could just post it to a "private" YouTube video, then drop the link to it into your post, so only the relevant people from here can find it.


To edit your profile, go to "My Settings", next to the "Help" at the top of the page.....I really recommend placing a signature, so that we might have a name to connect with.

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Re: Cat post vid

When I read the title I was thinking, "OK, 12 GAGE has gone too far posting Cat Videos on the SE Community site" Smiley Tongue

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Re: Can't post vid

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Can you tell me where in the process you are having trouble? Does the button in the Post Message area work? Is the video on your computer or on Youtube?


The Help tries to get you to do things a different way. You can get to your profile by clicking on your name in the top left corner. Then on the bottom left is a list of your videos. Click the View My Videos link. Then in the upper right again will be the Upload Video. This doesn't put the video in a post, it just uploads it to the server.

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Re: Can't post vid

When I post from my computer directly to a message it states incompatable file format. the file is a wmv file created inside of ST6. This is new today. before it was thinking it would post, but it never worked.


Does anybody know the restrictions for vids?

File side limit

acceptable formats

procedures for posting

Re: Can't post vid

WMV is first in the list. The size limit I think is 50 mb.


Check here for instructions on how to do it:


If you can't get it to upload here, try to put it on youtube, then you can link the youtube here.

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