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Can't snap to part.

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

My other thread about this was side tracked. Attached is a file that is a standard part for me. Only I cant figure out how to model it in a way that I can pick the to of it while dimensioning. Since this goes on top of almost everything we make, I can't dimension the overall height.

This is a problem.


Can any re-model this very simple part in a way that the outside of the center can be snapped to durring drafting?


Re: Can't snap to part.



In your draft, click to enable IntelliSketch "silhouette" selection.

Sketch Tab, Intellisketch group, icon at the bottom of the second row.


That will enable the selection of the "quadrant" for you to be able to place dimension.


Be sure to also set this in your template so you don't have to do this again and again.






Re: Can't snap to part.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Michel is right, but a couple additional points:


1. I don't believe the silhouette setting is in the template. It should just remember it. 

2. I believe you need to use point to point dimension rather than Smart dimension.


here is a quick video of it.



Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Can't snap to part.

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Honored Contributor

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Re: Can't snap to part.

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Honored Contributor

Solved. I must use point to point rather than smart dims. That makes the differance of being able to grab a silhouette point.


I have used smart for all liniar dims for so long, I didn't think that would make any differance.

Re: Can't snap to part.

Trick for smart dimension: The first click will only select end points and center points. The second click will select any point you have configured in intellisketch. So if you make the first click on the flat bottom of the object you can pick the quadrant on the second click.
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