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Capturing Fit on Family of Part files


Hey everyone,


Has anyone succesfully applied a capture fit to a family of parts?

I've made a helicoil model which I've made into a master file for a family of parts, and now I want to apply a capture fit to it and consequently all the children of this part. I've tried applying the capture fit to the master file in a dummy assembly then re-exporting all the children but this has not filtered through to the children. I'm able to apply a capture fit to the children one by one but that could be pretty time consuming.


Thought I'd ask if there's some niche way of doing it as I can't find much documentation on this use case and it seems like something capture fit is ideal for(we don't use a family of parts for fasteners, but I could see it being very useful).


EDIT: thinking about it a bit, and it sort of makes sense that the capture fit isn't recognised seeing as the children in a family are just your everyday part copy commands with variable/suppresion tweaks, so really they're different parts. Still, maybe the devs have thought of this already and there's some tool I'm not using.


Re: Capturing Fit on Family of Part files



Would be nice if the capture fit was carried through from master to child parts but unfortunately it isn't.

The quickest way I have found is to place one child part in a temporary assembly, capture the fit and save.

Now replace the part with the next child part, capture fit, save. (doing replace on FOP members is very quick)

Repeat for all members.

It may be possible to automate the copying of the capture fit face and constraint definitions from one part to another but I have no idea how.

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Re: Capturing Fit on Family of Part files


Yeah, that seems like it should work, thanks for the workaround!