Catchbook downloadlink ?


as seen within the ST9 promotions and infos there catchbook  should be available for several platforms.


Has anybody successfully download catchbook for win 10, android or ios?


I only find "not available at the moment" or "not for any of Your devices"


Which requirements must be fullfilled?



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I have Catchbook downloaded from the Windows Store.

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OK, and which OS are You using?

Win 8 or win 10?



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Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3. I want the full functionality to be able to bring my data into a CAD system so I didn't select the "free" version. I'm also familar with the tool- beta-tester.

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Re: Catchbook downloadlink ?

This page lists download links for various platforms though I haven't tried any for myself.



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I downloaded Catchbook on my Surface Pro 3 and have been trying it out some.  I've noticed that the dimensions don't behave like they do in Solid Edge.  For instance, say you draw the top view of a room with an alcove.  The overall length of the room is 120" wide and the alcove is 40" wide. I'm finding that if I change the 120" dimension, the 40 will also change - it's like they are not locked.  Normally, with the 120" and 40" dimensions in place, the undimensioned line would change but that's not the case.  I would show a picture, but I'm typing this message on my desktop machine.


I'll try to post a jing video later



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I was able to get it on my Samsung View tablet, but only after installing on my Android phone, and then transfering to the tablet. It wasn't showing as available for my large tablet, for some reason. I got emails today that it is available, I will have to try and install again. Last I tried to open it, it said it was expired on my View tablet.

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Everyone else-


If you are interested in Catchbook head over to the Catchbook forum for a get starting guide. There's some good information in there.


Also...keep in mind this is NOT a CAD sketcher tool. Don't expect it to work that way. The curves will connect and stay together but dimensional changes are a different animal. The concept is to capture ideas and then be able to pull them into a CAD system...where you have more control.

It's still a pretty cool tool to work with and easily worth the tiny investment.


I did notice that the forum area did scrub all the beta tester input and example..that's too bad..because I have a feeling they will be answering the same questions all over again! :-)