Chain selection..stop at intersection

I was working in SE Ordered today and attempted to do a similar sketch that I did in ST mode.


I have drawn a sketch that consists of full circle and fillets (arcs) inbetween the full circles. I am attempting to extrude the profile but I am finding that the system does determine that I have multiple full loops but is not allowing me to select region points or something similar to determine a region.

Is there either a way to define region(s) or is there a way that the selection function single or chain will recognize an intersection point and allow the user to determine if it is ok to process to the next point in the "chain'?


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I don't know any solutions for this. Ordered mode dosen't support regions "only" opened and closed profile what are exact (without overlapping, etc...). Synch is more flexible in this case.


What I suggest is that you must use sketch command and it has to contains "all selection possibilities". Yes, you must pre-plan this...


A video about this:




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if you dont need the diameters in the corners simply trim off the extents, or if needed,  use the split command to split the diamenter into its 2 segments.



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Thank you. Yes, I was able to generate what I needed quickly in ST. I do like the abilities found within ST for regions.

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Splitting and trim really aren't options that would be very successful for model manipulation in ordered mode- you would lose the tangent points.


A still feel that a simple "intersection" definition would be a great enhancement for those of use that still need/want to work in Ordered mode.

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Hi Ryan,


Of course, although it adds another step, you could use a primary sketch, then when extruding, use the "include" remains trimmed & constrained to the sketch.

[it has been known to be a bit fragile, if downstream geometry changes go beyond the bounds of the trimmed extents & relationships]

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At each circle join the ends of the tangent curves with a line to create a closed shape - you can then select that and the 4 circles to extrude in one hit.

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When did SE stop supporting regions in ordered? I used SolidEdge prior to Synchronous and found it the best of the mid-range CAD systems. I've recently come back to it and found with ST8 things aren't as they were in V19. Regions were the first big shock, and my mates do not seem to be as robust when changing parts as well. It's almost like Solid Edge is trying to kill ordered.

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I don't recall SE ordered ever working with regions. And I've used it off and on since 2001.

Though stop at intersection might be a good idea, a problem is which way does it then go? The high road or the low road?

I suppose it could ask for directions.

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I'm positive V17 through V20 (what I used in college circa 2005-2008) allowed region selections. This was before ST technology. Designing in ST mode feels much more like those versions, but as a design team I do not wish to be the only one using ST. Also, I do not have a good feel for ST in sheet metal design.


Regardless, every other mid-major CAD system uses region seletion with history modeling, so I do not in any way understand why it is not there, other than Siemens continously trying to push NX.