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Chamfer Solution

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Hello Averyone,


please advice on how to successfull make a 3mm chamfer on highlighted edges chain.


it's coreblock created with moldtooling




Re: Chamfer Solution


You could extrude a surface up to the the face of the block, and then make a ruled surface from the edge, using the ruled surface to cut the corner off the block.


Or just project a sketch onto the block and do the same thing.


You could sweep an angled line (as a surface) around the block using the square base as a path but using the top edges as the guide curve. This should give you a surface to cut the edges off with.


Offset the top edge 3mm on each side, and extrude that at an angle of 45 deg, and do it on all 4 sides.


Assuming you'd cut the chamfer with a wire edm?

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