Chamfer dimensioning

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I'm having problems when dimensioning a chamfer.


The default method is starting to freak me out, it's so **bleep** annoying - I can't place it where I want and it always end up being placed on top of other dimensions.


How do you guys dimension a chamfer? Please post some examples if possible Smiley Happy


 This is normally how I do it (dont mind the sketch), and this one is one of my better examples:

- I can only extend the line, to make the width bigger - I feel i lack an option to freely place it where I want.

 bearing housing.PNG






Re: Chamfer dimensioning

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking... Are you asking how to place it like the ones you sketched?


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Testing: ST10

Re: Chamfer dimensioning

To make the dimension callout like your picture, select the Perpindicular option on the Chamfer Dimensioning Tool dropdown menu.  Then select one of the lines at the end of your chamfer, then select the line of the edge of the chamfer.  That should result in what you have shown.