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Change coordinate origin?

Just wondering, Change coordinater origin, isn't that just like useing the reattach to move orgin to a different spot the same thing?


Re: Change coordinate origin?

anyone like to explain this command "Change coordinate origin"? what more can it do than reattaching origin?

Re: Change coordinate origin?

Yes, If you are only using the coordinate planes to position each part. If you have any other relations, the logic is not valid.


When using the replace command, having a convention is to what direction is up really makes life much easier.


In Sync, You can move the origin. in Ordered, I think this it's impossible.


My guess is Grundey will have a much better answer next week.

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Re: Change coordinate origin?

i better clarify myself. This command is in draft. it's to do with coordinate dimensioning.

i am seeing now what the difference is but, how do you get the automatic jogs to stop?