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Change default angular start point?

Probably not the best title for a thread, but what I'm looking to do is change the default start point for an angular input from the right side of the X axis to the top side of the Y axis. Just about everything I draw is intended to be machined on my mill and the digital readout I have plots all circles with a starting point (0 degrees) as the top of the sheet in the Y axis and I would really like to set up Solid Edge 2D (st2) so that the default started in the same place. I'll move to the newest version of the application when it comes out so the advice might be better applied to the new version.

One of the big reasons for this is that since my mill is all manual crank, I end up using a lot of closely spaced drill points in a "bolt hole" circle to cut circular (and partial curved) objects. For now I've been getting around this by placing a point on the circles and using the dimension tool to find the angles that I need to cut (when I'm able to get the angular dimension to work for me).

Re: Change default angular start point?

As far as the input fields for geometry creation, there is no way to do
But you can place angular dimensions starting from anywhere.
Rick B.