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Change default line width when opening DXF file

When I open a DXF file the default line width is 0.35mm, I'll explain more. In my ECAD application the line width is set to "0" zero, which mean visible but no width specified. In the DXF file the line width is set to zero as well. When imported into SolidEdge the line width is changed to 0.35mm. Is it possible to change this behavior? I would like it something less than 0.35mm but it does not need to be zero, maybe 0.01mm. I use smart select to change everything manually now. Modifying the default if possible would be great.

Re: Change default line width when opening DXF file

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor
When importing, use the Options button on the Open from and on Step 5 of the option wizard, you can set your line width mapping per AutoCAD color. You can also turn on the option to map polyline width to Solid Edge line width to use the width specified in ACAD. Keep in mind this changes an import INI file so depending on if your original is write protected, you may have to save it to a new file somewhere but the new one will stay as the default.


Production: ST10 MP5
Testing: SE 2019