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When I go into the display properties of a section view, the option to change the hatch pattern is grayed out.


What switches do I need to use to allow me to change the hatch pattern for cross sections of steel. I want to use a solid fill rather than the standard hatch pattern because I have many sheets at 45 deg to the world that the 45 deg hatching does not work well.




Re: Change section hatching

The section property is controlled by the part material. So to change the hatch pattern you need to edit the part's material properties.



Re: Change section hatching

I was hoping to edit the hatch for just this single drawing, not every time I use my most common material.

Re: Change section hatching

Hi Scott,


Alternatively....if this is a one off, rather than editing the models material definition.....what I do is use "Draw in View" and edit the displayed hatch properties there. [color, direction, spacing, etc....]

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Re: Change section hatching

Good work around. I should be able to just turn off the section hatching and then use old drafting methods.

Re: Change section hatching

The drawing view Properties > Display tab gives you some control over hatching.

You can turn all on/off, change style, set spacing and angle for all parts, multiple parts, or you can dig down to a single part and apply to that one only

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Re: Change section hatching

That's what I'm trying to do. I could not figure out what switches needed to be touched in order to edit the hatching style......for anything. Unless I go edit the material.


When you open that window, by default the hatching style is set to the material and grayed out.


I'm hoping for a draft file specific solution. Perhaps there is not one.

Re: Change section hatching

When you go into the properties of that view, you can go to the Display tab, and there should be a checkbox to uncheck that tells it to use material.  Once you uncheck it, right above it, the grayed out hatch style box will become available to choose as you want.

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