Changing File Manager Format

When you click to open a file in Solidworks it opens Windows File Manager, which is quick and familiar. When opening files in Solid Edge I'm taken to a different file manager which is slower to load and has a cumbersome navigation. Is there a way to make Windows the default?


I can go directly to the Windows library, but sometimes when I try to open a file from there it starts a second session of Solid Edge, besides there are times you don't have a choice like when saving a file.


Is this something I can change in settings?


Thank you.  


Re: Changing File Manager Format

In ST7, Solid Edge Development has changed the Open form to use the Microsoft standard Open form which is what I'm assuming you are meaning.  If using an earlier version, you would have to upgrade to ST7 to get it.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Changing File Manager Format