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Changing from metric ti inches

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I have repeatedly tried every way I can find to convert the dimensions from metric
to inches. I have had no luck. If anyone can help with this it will be appreciated.

Re: Changing from metric ti inches

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What are you really trying to do? I will give you a few options.
1. Are you wanting to work in metric units? Create metric geometry and
If so, there are metric templates you can use. These will allow you to
create a new draft file for metric drawing. The default units and dimension
styles will be set up for metric if these are used.
When you install the software, one of the options during installation is
which templates to you want to use by default (Englich or Metric). The
installation will take the appropriate template and copy to the 'Solid Edge
2D Drafting V19/Template' folder and name it 'normal.dft'. If you selected
English, the default, this will be a English template. Any new draft file
created using this template will be English.
You can create a metric file by selecting one of the delivered metric
templates. Click File-New and click on the More tab at the top of the
dialog. you will see a list of more templates. Click on one of the metric
templates, Normmet.dft, and click OK. This will create a metric file.
2. Do you want to draw in English and create metric dimensions?
There are a couple of things you can do. There are dimension styles
delivered that allow English or metric dimension values. Draw a horizontal
line. Click one of the dimension commands. On the dimension ribbon bar, you
can change which style to use on the dimension with the first combo box to
the left. Set it to ANSI. Place the dimension on the line. It will display
an inch value. Change the style to ISO. Place another dimension on the line.
It will display a metric value. The dimensions will look different because
of the way options are set in the two styles.
You can also change the style of an existing dimension by clicking on the
dimension and changing the style in the same combo box.
3. Do you want to display both English and metric values on the diemnsions?
You can do this by enabling dual unit display in the dimension style. Click
Format-Style. With the proper style selected in the list, click the 'Modify'
button. Click on the Secondary Units tab in the Modify Dimension Style
dialog. Click the 'Dual unit display' check box. Click 'OK' and then
'Close'. your dimensions created with the ANSI style will display both inch
and metric values.
Go back and look at the things you can change in the dimension style that
control how they display. If you want to make changes to styles that will be
there for each new file you create, create your own template. Create a new
draft file and make the changes to the styles. Save the file and move it to
the 'Solid Edge 2D Drafting V19/Template' folder. Now when you create a new
draft file it will show up in the File-New dialog.
4. Do you only want to display one dimension with different units?
Right mouse click on the dimension you want to change. Click on 'Properties'
at the bottom of the context menu. In the dimension properties dialog click
on the Units tab. Change the Units. You may want to change the roundoff
Hope this helps.
Rick B.