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Changing line colour on a layer

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I have an electrical layout drawing consisting of many layers for different circuits
eg starting, lighting, generating. The lines on each layer have been drawn in a different colour.
i want to change all the separate lines in a layer to a different colour.
How do I achieve this.
Is there a function or do I need a macro? OR must I do it individually. Phew.

Re: Changing line colour on a layer

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
2D Drafting does not have the AutoCAD layer attributes such as color.
I assume this is an AutoCAD file.
If the geometry is already on specific layers, use the selectoptions to locate the geometry.
See the attached image.

Make the layer on which you want to change the geometry the active layer.
Click on the select command.
Click on the Select Options button on the select command ribbon.
Click on 'Active layer only'.
If there is other objects on the layer, use the options to reduce what gets selected.
Click on OK.
On the keyboart use CTRL+A to select everything.
It should select everything on the active layer.
Change the color of these objects.

Change the Select Options back or you will not be able to locate geometry on other layers.

Rick B.

Re: Changing line colour on a layer

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Hi Ricky
Works a treat.
I was doing select all, then going into properties ---- didn't work.
Helps if you go about it in the right way.
Thanks again
Geoff Burford