Changing the "Document Name Formula"

Does anyone know where the data for the "Document Name Formula" is kept?


This is the string that controls how parts and assemblies are named in the Pathfinder and can be set in Solid Edge Options -> Helpers. I can set this globally for the entire team but no-one is able to change this to their personal preference since moving to ST7. It is possible that for some reason our IT department is now blocking access to the folder where this file is kept or ST7 has moved this data to another folder.




Re: Changing the "Document Name Formula"

maybe something in your options.xml..  this file is created with seadmin tool



Re: Changing the "Document Name Formula"

We share one options.xml across all users. I can set the Document Name Formula for all users from here, but when we used ST6 users could override this with their own settings.

Users can temporarily change the Name Formula but if SE gets restarted it reverts to that set in the options.xml