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Check in check out -data management



I have Solid edge ST9.

Are some of the features from data management, not available to everuone?

I am trying to use check in/ check out command but its not letting me do it. Can anyone please guide me with this? 


Also if I open any document which is already open by someone else, its opens in it read only and gives me bunch of option.

even if i click on request write access, it does not send any info to other person. is there a way to do that?




Re: Check in check out -data management


I would think the check-in/out is only applicable if you are running Insight or Sharepoint.

I don't know if it applies to managed folders.


Solid Edge (along with most programmes) only allows 1 person write access at any one time.

Requesting write access will only work once the other person has closed the file. It does not notify them that you want access.

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Re: Check in check out -data management

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

The reality is more limiting than that. Only one instance of each file can be open at one time.


I found this out trying to have a draft open on one monitor and the model on another. Both full screen using two instances of SE. Does not work.

Re: Check in check out -data management

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The folder that they are stored in must be indexed and the file must be "Available" status for Check-out to work.


The "Request write access" does not send a request to whomever has it locked, it simply waits till it is available and then makes it writeable for you.

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Re: Check in check out -data management

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Valued Contributor

I am having the same issue.


I have two seats on the network,

PC1 opens and checks out the top level assy and saves the file,

PC2 opens the same assy, sees the top level as checked out and read-only,

PC2 checks out a part,

PC1 sees no status change when clicking update status info,

PC2 opens the checked out part file and saves,

PC1 can now update status info and it says checked out,

PC2 checks in and saves and closes the part file,

PC1 sees status update info,

However, when PC1 opens the now available part file it is in read-only state and remains that way until PC2 closes the Assy file.


How do you overcome this?


Why is the part file maintaining a read-only state when it has been saved and closed from a read-only assembly context?