Circular Pattern to Drive Radius?

I'm trying to create a gear like extrusion where I draw the tooth geometry first. It is not a spur gear. I'd like to be able to pattern the tooth (looks like a pie slice based on how I extruded it) by telling Solid Edge how many teeth I want and then have it drive the radius of the gear so that all the teeth are fit to each other perfectly without them running into each other or being too far apart. I tried unlocking the distance of the tooth from the base and then doing the pattern but it doesn't seem to be changing that distance (radius) based on number of teeth. Is there a way to do this in synchronous mode?


Re: Circular Pattern to Drive Radius?

I could probably show you a way in ordered, but I went through synchronous today.....just haven't messed with it enough.

Re: Circular Pattern to Drive Radius?

Could you show me the way you'd do it in ordered? It would be fine to do it in that way as well.

Re: Circular Pattern to Drive Radius? didn't work out.... My thought was to draw your tooth on a circle, maybe a sketch, and draw an arch over the circle from one end of the tooth to the other. place a dim for the length of the arch, use that lenght times the number of teeth and that would be your circumference. Then use a formula to find the diameter d=C/3.14....then that would be your diameter. But I ran into some problems....maybe start with that and play with it?