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Can anyone please tell me how to use the Circular pattern icon please.


Im trying to make a cover plate for a fuel tank and require 6 holes a equal dimension.


Can anyone show me how to.



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First of all, you have to create this hole first. I see, that you are in Hole command, so position this hole and then exit the sketch.

After the hole is created, click on a Pattern command, and you will get this circular pattern option in sketch.

I have also attached a moview, so that you can see, how this is done.

Hope it helps.

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has helped thanks! However im getting a error? Any ideas?


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In the pattern toolbar, click on Pattern-Smart icon (it's next to Finish button). If Fast pattern fails, clicking on Smart can fix this problem.

With the geometry on your image, there shouldn't be such problems. Fast option should work. But, since I can't see, how you have defined your pattern, I can not tell, why you are getting this error message.

Can you record a movie (how you are defining pattern)?

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Sorry I dont know how to take video clips.


Ive been tasked to try self teach on this software.



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I see you are in ordered. You will need to create the hole, exit sketch, define the direction/depth and then select the pattern command. If you try to make a pattern of the hole while still in the hole command, it will throw that error.

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Actually, you can make the pattern first. Make an ordered sketch on the plane where you want the pattern and look in the Features group. You will see buttons for rectangular and circular patterns. make the pattern, exit the sketch, and make your hole, pinning it to reference point of the pattern. Pattern the feature by picking the features you want to pattern in the usual way and then use "select from sketch" to make the pattern based on the pattern you made in the sketch. This way the hole location will change with the pattern if you modify the pattern sketch.

Also, if you put a pattern sketch in an assembly it will allow you to pattern a group of parts in that assembly based on the sketch. I do this all the time so I don't have to think about where the hole goes before I make the pattern.

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Yes, I do as Larry describes it, with sketch based patterns. [for Ordered & Assembly models]


For Synchronous mode, I think it is "Object" [hole] > "Action" [pattern]

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If you hve to learn Solid Edge by yourself, did you look at all the tutorials in the software? There is a lot of examples for part modeling, sheet metal, assembly, etc.


And about recording a movie.

At the bottom right in the Solid Edge window, you will see small red circle. This is for recording a movie. Click on it and check the settings. You will see, that you can record just a graphic window or whole application, etc.

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Many thanks. Ive sorted it!