Circular Pattern

If I want to add pattern 16 to pattern 18, Solid Edge crashes. Anyone an idea why?


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If this was created in an Academic version, we will not be able to open the file.  Try posting to the "Solid Edge Student Edition Forum".


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Betreff: Circular Pattern

Hi Kurt,


I think the way You have treid to solve this design is not the best one for SE.


It is hard to see what You try to pattern where.


Get a smaller part with building a quarter of the part with all the feature in this segment a then  - finally - make a 4 time circular pattern of the body not of the features.


Also when patterning make fetaure groups before which You select for pattern afterwards.

And try to create a fast pattern rather then a smart pattern



Or and now I see that this here is a more or less irregular pattern not a 4 times circ.


Try to use the new Coordinate System Duplicate functionalltiy of ST9

Create a single "hole", group them to a feature group and cretae coordinate systems for refrence the other positions.

Then You can use the duplicate feature to get  the result 





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I suggest using Replace face command instead of extruding from face to face...


Here are steps:




Re: Circular Pattern

Thanks, this has solved my problem