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Close bends

I'm wondering how to trick SE into modeling a closed corner bend. I.E. the fold are soo close to the corner that the sheet metal buckles a bit. In reality this is done to make the welding of the corner easier. It's very easy to do this in real life. Apperantly it is imposible to do in sheet metal.


Another way to think about this. Say you have a tab with 4 flanges. The corners of the flanges actually touch each other.


One caviot to this. I can't change the bend R. I'm using the drawings to create bend tables including back gage and stick out dimensions using links to spreadsheets.


All of the sheet metal drawings are automatically updating. I relocate one plane, 100's of dimensions are updated in the draft file.


I.E. I need SE to actually model overly close corners.


Re: Close bends

Are you familiar with the "Close Corner" command? In the UI the button says "2-Bend Corner". The "Closed" option in this command would be what you want. It creates a totally watertight corner.

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Close bends

Yes. And that works for the flanges but not the corner material. The flat patturn turns out not as desired. I need the flat pattern to only have rectangular cutouts in the corner and have the flanges touch.

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You may have to post a picture of what you are after. Based on your initial description, I thought it was 2 bend corner, and then use the "Close" option on the pulldown. This produces touching flanges and the bends also are also driven together. In practice this will then produce a slight rip or deformation at the corner, so I thought that was what you were talking about. it is the first one below. 


The second one below is using the miter option. This closes everything tight without rip/deform at the corner, but clearly requires a laser to produce.


If neither of these is what you are after, you probably need to make a picture...



Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Close bends

Attached is a photo. On the right is the origional purchased part. but we needed the part welded up in the corners. On the left is our version of the part (unfinished). The corners are much tighter to allow welding. The problem is I can't fold up the flat pattern to represent the finished part out of the same model I use to create the flat pattern. That's not allowed because there is material in the corner of the two bends.

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Would this work?





Kyle Joiner

Re: Close bends

Almost. It apears your flanges are not the same. I'm just looking for a way to actually use the flat pattern to create the finished model rather than switching them out. Right now I cant figure out how to fold up the flat pattern the way it's done in real life. 


Notes that make this complicated:

1. I'm forcing flat pattterns to even dimension because we hand enter information into our punch machine the creates the flat patterns.

2. I never use the "close bend" command to manage the corners. I manualy cut around each corner to allow control of the cut. This gives me the ability to create the equivilent of a bend start offset without specifying it's dimension relative to the bend start but rather relative to the edge of the flat pattern (direct sizing of tha corner notch). Again this is to facilitate manual entry of dimensions.


I have been able to merge two words: The perametric box and old world hand sketch flat pattern sizing.

Re: Close bends

The closed corner miter option Dan wrote about it what we use all the time to create the corner condition you desire, even in thicker material. The inside edges of the flanges will touch after being formed leaving you a nice tight corner to corner weld condition. However, if the model's I.D. bend radius doesn't match what you are creating in reality, it will not end up touching properly.


But as he stated, you would need a laser to process this type of condition, your material edges look like they have been created using a notcher or punch though.

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Close bends

I will make this dicussion a bit simpler. Let's say I have a 4" square piece of steel with a 1/2" rectangular notch out of a corner where both sides around that corner will be bent. Now let's say the bend lines are more then 1/2" in from the edge. This is how the part is made in reality but can't be duplicated in modeling. Seeking a way to force that to work. and yes the material is kind of mashed up around the corner.


Note: yes our parts are created on a punch machine, not any kind of traditional cutter.

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Re: Close bends

I working in ordered, not sync. I'm assuming this is where some of my problem is comming from. I can only pull one flange at a time in ordered. In sync, I can pull all 4 flages at once.


I need to try this part again in Sync mode. Because 85% of what I do needs to be re-size (my perametric box posts) I never consider using Sync. In this case, I don't need the part re-sizable, just to work right between flat and bent.


I will come back when I have time to retry in Sync mode.


Thank for your help people! This forum has been great.