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Cloud enabled outside US.




I wonder if anyone here have some information about when the cloud enabled license option will be released outside US? (in my case Sweden)

Have talked to a reseller in Sweden but he has no information about when this is scheduled, only information i have right now is that this option is not yet released in Sweden.


Re: Cloud enabled outside US.

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Siemens Phenom


the Cloud Enabled SE licensing is available in Sweden (whole EMEA?) for Nodelocked Licenses. 


You should be able to turn this on via the License Management webpage on


For additional questions ping your VAR again.


Vänligen /Ulf

Siemens EMEA GTAC Support

Re: Cloud enabled outside US.


Hello Ulf.


Thank you very much for the response.


I now have a floating license with 1 seat and are in the the process of purchasing a new license.

The information I got from my reseller when I asked for cloud enabled is that its not available for me yet but if I buy a nodelocked license I will be able to change over to cloud enabled when it´s available.


After your answer I´m sure the information from reseller is not correct, so I will go ahead and purchase a nodelocked license.


Regards /Mikael