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Clutter Free Screen: Macro


I wrote this macro to help out a colleague with his little requirement and thought of
sharing with the community.

The attached macro simply hides:

1. Dimensions,

2. Sketches,

3. Reference Planes, and

4. Coordinate Systems

in the currently open Part, Sheetmetal or Assembly document.


Hope many will find it useful.


I am open to requests for modifying the macro to include/exclude any of those
elements that can be hidden.


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: Clutter Free Screen: Macro



Thank you for sharing of your time and talents...  and especially your macros!!!

Matt Johnson
Solid Edge Certified Professional (ST7 & ST8)
Solid Edge ST9 (SEEC) - Production
NX11 (Tc Integration) Pre-Production Testing
Teamcenter 10.1.6

Re: Clutter Free Screen: Macro

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Loving Tushar
I am always thankful ...

Re: Clutter Free Screen: Macro

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Does this also turn the stuff off in sub parts? LIke all the parts inside an assembly?