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Co Ordinate Dimensioning


When placing ordinate dimensions the text is horizontal. That is good for all "Y"
domensions but I need the text to be vertical on the "X" dimexsions. I can change
each dimension individually but that takes a lot of time to select each dim and
make the change in "properties". Is there a way to change this setting until I get
all the dims in in a direction and then change back for the other direction?

Re: Co Ordinate Dimensioning

I would create two different dimension styles.
One for the horizontal dimensions and one for the vertical dimensions.
In the Dimension command group there is a button called Styles.
Click on this button.
In the Style dialog, click on the dimension style that you want to create a
copy of.
Click on New. This creates a new style based on the one selected.
Give the style a new name and change the properties you need.
When you create a dimension, there is a combo box in command bar that you
select the style to apply to the dimension you are creating.
Rick B.