Collecting ideas for blog topics

I haven't done this in a while, and as I'm starting to run low on What's New topics, I thought I might ask you all about some things you'd like to see a blog article on. Generally technical stuff would be best, or administration type (best practice) articles. Maybe there's a st10 topic you'd like to dig into a little deeper. So what sort of blog articles would you like to see?



Matt Lombard

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Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics

I always lean towards those niche features that fall out of site to most users but could be quite useful.  Some suggestions are:

  • Zero-D (Virtual Components workflow)
  • Frames
  • Schematics (Draft Blocks and Connectors)
  • Inter-Part Copies
  • Clipping Planes
  • Styles Manager
  • 2D only Draft workflows
  • Block Libraries
  • Systems Libraries
  • Feature Libraries
  • Detach/Attach faces


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Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics


I am most curious about the following.


1. Thickness change parts of synchronous and sheet metal (inside the material, not outside the material)
2. Synchronous performance
3. DWG file direct paste
4. Are there any things to improve performance?

Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics

Hi @MLombard


I would like to see more instructions ( features / commands ) / training posts / videos.


Related to : Large assemblies, Modelling, Frames, Surfaces, Drafting - but only in Ordered Mode.






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Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics

A current topic for us would be how to add custom parts to the standard parts library and make them available in the fastener system

One that goes out of date rather quickly but could be useful would be a hardware comparison using ST10.

For many people/companies investing in hardware is seen as a big cost. Knowing where to put your cash would be useful. So for example where spec of laptop would best suit Solid Edge, what desktop configuration and now maybe even tablet devices. It would be interesting to have some performance comparisons for working with different size assemblies or complex drafts. Working local v over network etc. Lets face it most CAD demos are set up to look and work as slick as possible so as to wow customers. They're often not what most of us deal with day to day.


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Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics

My daily fight is sheet metal corners. Lessons adressing the limits of 2 way and 3 way corners would have helped me tons the first year of use. Understanding what is impossible is the main thing.

Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics

Following on from @Guy_H77 - how about one on how to get the standard parts library installed correctly in the first place !

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Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics

Hi Matt,


I would like to see more on:-

  • Frames - Coping detail view in draft.
  • Design Manager work flow (revisions, file locations and file/part status)
  • Part and Drawing numbering best practice using SE

Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics

Something frustrating for me. Don't know if it is me of SE/Keyshot, but a how-to on how to change/copy assembly's and still keep the assigned materials in Keyshot would be a huge help.

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Re: Collecting ideas for blog topics

It would be great an article about 2D schematics, blocks with properties and BOM of them.

I find difficult everytime and I end up to duplicate blocks for each dimensions instead of a correct us of properties.