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Colorchange after "Edit in Place"?


Hey everyone

I just started using Solid Edge at my new workplace, where I am employed to handle alot of racks, which consist of maybe 10-50 tubes and pipes in an assembly (converted from a *.step).


The thing is, on every single pipe/tube I have to go and change a minor thing, and to be honest, Im having abit of hard time remembering which ones I've changed.

So I was wondering if anyone is familiar with a method in Solid Edge, so the pipe changes color slightly when I've been "in and out" of the "Edit in place" feature in an assembly?


I hope anyone have an answer or maybe even an idea Smiley Happy





Re: Colorchange after "Edit in Place"?


If i have to do such things i hide the component after making the edit. If there are no more parts visible, i made all the edits.

If the assembly contains the part more than one time, you can use "part painter" (Teil färben in the german version) to change the parts color. All occurences then have the new color.

Greetings from Germany
Christian Kunkel

Re: Colorchange after "Edit in Place"?


Hi, thanks for the quick reply

The first solution sadly aint an option, since I've already hidden alot of items in the assembly which I dont have to interact with.

The 2nd may be viable, I will give it a go, specially if its possible to make it a hotkey Smiley Happy

Re: Colorchange after "Edit in Place"?


Everything can be hotkey'd, just go to the "Command Finder" and put in "Customize" and find the option in keyboard and fill in any command you prefere.


You can change your ribbon there to and put down some options you use a lot Man Happy.

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