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Command bar not visible


While working in SE ST7 I believe I fat fingered something and my command bar disappeared.

I see no command bar at any point, no matter the file type; part, assembly, etc. 


I have searched the forum and the internet and deleted my user registry and searched through windows of SE for the command bar with no luck. Closing/restarting does not prevail.

Any ideas guys?



Re: Command bar not visible

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Do you happen to use use dual screens? Maybe the bar was undocked and moved off the screen accidentally. your screen capture there is no active command, or selection. In 3D environments there is no command bar for the select tool....unlike in draft [2D], where the select tool has multiple options.

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
Solid Edge ST10 [MP5] Classic [x2 seats]
Windows 10 - Quadro P2000

Re: Command bar not visible


The Command bar can easily stray outside the main Solid Edge window.

Try changing screen resolution greater than the current one, preferably the maximum supported,  and see if you can find the Command bar hanging around. Drag it back into Solid Edge or dock it into the main screen and revert back to the original resolution.


Also from the image and as @SeanCresswell mentioned, try starting a command, say the Sketch or Extrude and the command bar should most probably appear.


Hope this helps.


Tushar Suradkar


Re: Command bar not visible

if you still cant find it.  i have had experiance similar..  and a registry reset always brings it back...


this should be a last resort...


to test this...  1st have anohter user log into this pc...  windows login... and have them try a workflow in Solid Edge.  if another user does have the command bar we can asume your user registry has curupted...  if this is the case we can advise how to rebuild it...



Re: Command bar not visible


Thanks for the replies everyone.

I am using SE on my personal laptop, so no dual screens. 

Changing the screen resolution did did not make it appear nor could I locate it outside my active window.

Sorry about the screenshot, I realize I did not have any commands open, but either way the workspace looks the same, with the only difference being the green check mark showing near the item tree. 

I am the only account on my laptop but maybe I can create another one to try it out. I will try that tonight. Thanks again

Re: Command bar not visible


I created another user and the user has the command bar visible with everything functioning correct. 


Could you tell me the steps to fix the registry on my account? 

Re: Command bar not visible

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
1. Exit Solid Edge.

2. Run 'regedit' [or your registry editing tool of choice].

3. Inside the registry delete the 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics 
Solutions' key and everything under it.  WARNING: do NOT delete 
'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Unigraphics Solutions'.

4. Exit 'regedit'.

Re: Command bar not visible


That worked, thanks!

Re: Command bar not visible

Solution Partner Pioneer Solution Partner Pioneer
Solution Partner Pioneer

Removing and reinstalling everything from scratch MAY NOT WORK.

In my case it did not work after cleaning up the registry either.


My solution was to locate where user profile settings are stored, and delete everything from there.


C:\Users\<YourUserAccount>\AppData\Roaming\Unigraphics Solutions


The problem may be related to a corruption of some key config user files under "Customization"

subfolder, that are loaded at startup by solidedge to properly reconstruct the toolbar system.

That's explain why switching the login user all solid edge toolbars are usually restored just fine.


If one of these file got damaged (and not explicitly deleted), you can have UI issues even after reinstalling.


Hope this helps,


Paolo Marani