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Comparing PDFs


This post by Tushar (that is very great) inspired me to share how do I compare PDFs


I do not store old revisions in DFT files but I do in PDF files.

Adobe acrobat have a great tool to compare PDFs but I don't own a license to use it.

The idea is to translate a PDF into an image and then do some image overlay and compare.

While digging the net on how to covert a PDF into an image by API I found on github that someone already done it:













I just wrote a GUI in VB more user friendly than the shell usage.

Due to a bug I do also copy the selected PDFs in a local temp folder prior to use it.


It also work nice with shaded views



diff shade.png














Hope it helps guys like me who don't store old revisions in DFTs




Re: Comparing PDFs

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Nice workflow Fiorini.

The results are very impressive.


Are you also sharing your program ?


Meanwhile, also see this entirely new 'synchronous' approach to Solid Edge drawing comparison.



Re: Comparing PDFs


I only wrote a GUI for our internal use, I will have to change a bit the code to share it.

I will probably do it in my spare time.

Yes I seen your 'synchronous' approach, but as I said I do not store old revisions in DFT file.

Would be great a similar tool that works with PDFs... maybe I will try my self to do such a program.