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Comparing a drawing with its revision

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Hello Edgers,


Here's a program to compare a drawing with its revisions.

Its a image based comparison.


See the video below to understand how and what the program does:


1. RevA has 3 standard views and a detail view.

2. RevB has dimensions added but the detail view removed.

3. RevA is compared with RevB.

4. RevC has the right view (near the title block) moved little to the right.

5. RevA and RevC are then compared.

6. The foot note in RevA reads 'all dimensions are in mm' which is changed to 'all dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise stated'.




1. Absolutely no error handling and no messages or prompts.

2. The drafts compared are actually opened in Solid Edge, so SE must be running.

3. Only active sheets are compared, so same sheets of the two drawings must be kept active.

3. Program is meant for highlighting what was 'added' and 'removed'.

4. If drawing elements are 'moved', the result may appear unpleasant.


Download the program from the last blue link on this page which is being promoted.



Tushar Suradkar

Accepted by topic author Tushar
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Comparing a drawing with its revision

great way to quickly compare edits between drawings!!!

Re: Comparing a drawing with its revision



Excellent work! 



Kyle Joiner

Re: Comparing a drawing with its revision

Thanks @kjoiner

@MattJohnsonPACThat would be a more appropriate description and purpose of the program.

Re: Comparing a drawing with its revision

Great tool @Tushar,


Might not work for us here though, I presume this relies on there being individual model & draft files for each of those revisions.

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
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Windows 10

Re: Comparing a drawing with its revision



I proud of you my friend! Smiley Wink




Re: Comparing a drawing with its revision

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Thanks @SeanCresswell for the feedback.

Thanks @Imics for the appreciation.


I am currently implementing features like pan, zoom window to closely inspect the changes - a piece of cake.


Saving the compare results would also be a nice option since Solid Works has this too.


Another limitation that will be addressed is to specify which sheets to compare since the current version picks only the currently active sheets - another piece of cake. This feature is not available in the Solid Works version.


The response has been lukewarm (a descent word for poor) - that's the only point holding back.



Tushar Suradkar


Re: Comparing a drawing with its revision

@Tushar   see the ST8 webpage...  on the left about 3 or 4 clicks down is a link to a video of appearendtly a built in Drawing compare for ST8...


Re: Comparing a drawing with its revision

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Thanks Matt for the link, I would have never noticed it.


The UI for the new Drawing Compare tool can be seen in competing products for several years and I disliked it.

I maintain that thumbnails are enough for the drawings being compared. The actual comparison window should be large enough so that there is no need for zooming or panning.


more realistic (non-image based) drawing comparison which takes into account the actual contents of the drawings like views, balloons, notes, etc. is required in 2015.