Comparison between Solid Edge and NX

Hello We are a automobile manufacturing company. We are having both software Solid edge & NX in our company. NX is being used in R & D for Product design Solid edge is being used for Design of Machine tools , Fixtures Automation Lines. We need some guidance on which if Solid Edge used for applications mentioned above is correct software or UG is better software for sucuch applications. If Solid edge is better what are the specific features which are absent in NX What are specific advantages of Solid edge over NX Please reply regards Sudhir Naik

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This is really a complicated question and cannot be adequately answered based on your simple question and the opinions of the members here.  I would suggest you look at your complete design and manufacture requirements for your company and then do some in dept evaluations against the software.  NX has a plethora on tools that work together that Solid Edge doesn't have and depends on 3rd parties to provide.  NX also has some advanced features that SE doesn't have that may be needed for some workflows.  So again, you are going to need to know if that impacts you on the product developments side by knowing your unique requiremenrts and analysing accordingly.


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I agree with Ken. It's not a matter of which software is "better" it's a matter of what business problem(s) you are trying to solve and does the solution provide any/enough benefit to the organization.

Maybe it's not a matter of having two different systems but a system that can manage the data properly. Once again, you need to have a sound analysis and business requirements defined before we can share our professional opinions and recommendations.

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I'm starting to get curious about NX sheet metal capabilities. For a one man engineering/CAD department does NX offer any advantages over SE for creating manufacturing drawings of sheet metal? Over half of what we do are one off fabrications. No volume production at all. We are happy to get orders of more than 5.

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I have seen that some of the NX Sheet metal features are based on the Solid Edge technology.

There were some Messages based on the Solid Edge API.


But I think you have to try it by yourself with your requirements.


From my experience I do it in the following steps for every decision:


1. Does the solution the job I need? If not - even for free the solution is to expensive

2. Can I handle the software. If it is to complex to work with the best solution is useless

3. Can I afford it. Invest cost for SW and Training, Maintenance cost


All this things are individual. So you have to invest some time and effort but it will pay



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@12GAGEMy opinion is that SE is more user friendly when it comes to basic drafting. NX has much more capabilities such as tables, tabular notes, linking text to expressions and attributes, bi-direction control of parameters (if you want), etc. If you don't need these types of controls SE wins. You also have to remember that SE has had to morph more to a SW style drafting environment/functionality for competitive reasons than it does with an integration with NX.What I'm saying here is the emphasis has been on making SE more like SW to pull the customers and data over than like NX and its functionalty.


As for sheet metal capabilities in NX there is the straight break sheet metal and then there is the advanced sheet metal. Straight break comes with "standard" NX and Adv. SMD comes with a "professional" license. You have to keep in mind NX/UG is born out of the Aero/Defense and Auto markets and has the high end capabilities required to generate the type of Class-A and complex surface generattion and the ability to model stamped sheetmetal. SE is born from a different market and has different capabilities.


NX is combination of UG/Unigraphics and I-DEAS. Siemens has kept SE and NX in different camps for different business reasons. Yes, you may see some SE functionality in NX likewise you will see a lot of NX functionality in SE and you may even see I-DEAS functionality in SE. That is the advantage of scalable products running on the same kernenls and solvers!

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@sudhir_bajaj_auto Is your question a either/or question (We should use either all NX or either all SE?) Or is the questiton is it OK to work in mixed CAD environment (SE and NX)?

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I came to my current company to make sheet metal in 3D. They had been using Solid edge for 2D, and I came from Autodesk and SW & imageware background.


I was sold on SE for three reasons.

1. They had bend tables for sheet metal, surely I will be able to set up back gage and stick out in them.

2. The drafting tools are nicely worked out

3. Sheet metal design from scratch is nice to work with.


Once I made the plunge and commented to SE. Getting back gage and stick out into a bend table has proven to be a problem. Spreadsheet for table display does not update easy. Built in tables can't display individual variables. And the build in bend tables can't have back gage and stick out added to it. I have resorted to a complex set of math and old school text display to get the desired result, but the time cost is huge.


Looking for a better solution for bend tables. Willing to change software if that get's it done.