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Compensate for shrinkage


I'm working on a molded foam pillow with a steel frame inside.

The frame with it's components will affect the shrink/warping.


I can only find the options for scaling with Part copy, with uniform scale or spesific in the X-, Y-, and Z-diracetion.

There are aslo the Shrink factor option. Can't find anything in assembly.


The foam itself have a shrink in the core of the pillow. The outher layer / the surface of the pillow will not shrink, but the shrink in the core will pull the surfaces.


You have the same challengeame when molding plastic, but then you follow rules to prevent shrinkage. What do you do when you can't fallow the rules? Constant thickness is not an option.


I need a model of the pillow before and after shrink.


My question is:

Is there a way to conpensate for shrink when modeling?

Is there a way to simulate the shrink?


Today, this is an experience-based manual job. I'm looking for a more scientific method that can support our experience.



Betreff: Compensate for shrinkage

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Kjetil




I think the real analyzzing and calculation is a matter of a higher software package and not possibl  in that way with SE, also not with Simulation.


The only You can do at the moment with SE is - if You are using ST10 - to scale a part directly witihn that part.

So there now no longer is the need for the Part Copy to realize that.


That's the only I can suggest at themoment.



Re: Compensate for shrinkage

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Gears Esteemed Contributor



Yes, I agree with @hawcad, that this type of design & analysis is probably beyond the current capacity of SE....certainly was true of [WAAAAY] back when I used to do this type of work for a living also. Integral Skin Polyurethane Foam mouldings is a bit of an art, when semi-restrictive armatures are to be factored.

Good luck. Robot wink

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Re: Compensate for shrinkage


Hi @hawcad and @SeanCresswell,

thanks for the quick reply!


I have no experience in this kind of models and now have this as my area of responsibility. Then it's just for me to start harvesting experiences.


Do you have any suggestions for where to start? Suggestions for books that cover the subject?