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Complex file management issue

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Hello all, I have a complex question so bear with me on this.


As a starting point, I have a collection of files of a sheet metal box that contains a door.







The assembly, and all of it's sheet metal part are orddered and control by planes so that the box can change in XY and Z dimensions. Easy so far.


That group of files get copied to a new directory, assembly and draft renamed, it becomes BOX2 and re-size and possibly regaged. Easy so far.


In this case, the box contains a door (also resized as a result in changed of XYZ)


Now here comes the problem. I want to draft the door seporately from the rest of the assembly. I also need to be able to open and close the door as a sub assembly, however, the initial door sheet metal flat pattern is created in it's closed position so that it can be driven from the XYZ of the box.


Now the question. I consitered using occurance properties so that I can turn the door parts off for the main draft of the box. But then how do I have another set of ocurrnace properties so that I can draft the door from the same collection of files that need to be managed as group (for making yet other sized box's)




Re: Complex file management issue

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Esteemed Contributor

@12GAGEYou may consider using Configurations in your Assembly to control the door ON/OFF state for Drafting.  In Draft you can specify a Configuration to use when creating the drawing view and it will honor the displat state set in the Configuration.  Make sure you turn on the option "Assembly configuration changes make drawing views out-of-date in this draft file" (you can set in your template if not the default).


Production: ST10 MP5
Testing: SE 2019

Re: Complex file management issue

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Honored Contributor

This problem is very related to another thread I started


If I could oversome that thread, then what I am trying to do in this thread becomes easy.


Assuming I can't overcome the other thread, then the problem become how do I show a parts lists and total weight for one drawing different than another drawing from the same model? Occurance properties can have only a single state per assembly right?

Re: Complex file management issue


An alternative would be to keep you box.asm the same, driving the door geometry in the same way, but then;


  • 'Turn off' the door part(s) in the asm via occurence props (higher level off, physical off, drawing off)
  • Create a new higher assembly with the box asm and the door asm, mated to allow opening closing. This could be an adjustable asm, or alternate position asm if you want to be able to open and close the door
  • This would then be your new base assembly that you do your save-as's to make the per-customer version.

This way you can drive the door geometry in the box asm as you currenly do, but still have the door assembled to the box properly.